About Us

Who we are

Welcome to DB Sports Academy. DB Sports Academy is a leading Physical Training Academy in Lucknow, providing training for different physical tests in various Indian Armed Forces like Police, PAC, Indian Army, Indian Navy, ITBP etc. We have proven record of last several years and a number of students from our academy is serving different forces.

DB Sports Academy was founded in 2008 by Mr. Dan Bahadur Yadav (M.P.Ed , N.I.S.) ) and working since then. At DB Sports Academy we do not provide only physical training to our students while we provide them guidance that how can they crack these physical competitions and get selected.

Every armed force wants good runner to join them. If you are planning your career in armed forces, you must be a good runner. At DB Sports Academy, we provide propert trainning and guidance for running.

A Cadet in armed forces must be physically fit. Until you are not physically fit, you can not join our armed forces. At DB Sports Academy, we provide you proper guidance to keep yourself physically fit and compete in this kind of exams.